How much does a guitar cost?

A sixstring Magistra starts at €2.399,00, excluding 21% VAT for customers in the EU.

The basic price includes several choices of woods for the body, 5-piece neck and fretboard and multiple possible scales. Top-quality Hipshot hardware is included.

You can find the standard specs on the Magistra page, which include carbon fibre reinforcement in the neck, blind fretslots and stainless steel frets. All woods are very carefully sourced which has a big impact on the looks and overall quality of the instrument.
Additionally priced options include highgloss finishes, top woods, multiscale and other types of hardware (including Evertune and tremolo systems). Feel free to ask for a quote and options!


How do I order a guitar?

Just get in touch with us! At our Magistra and Maximus pages you can find a contact form as well as pricelists with options. In the orderform you can fill out the options you'd like to have, but this is not compulsory. Even if you have no clue about specs, we are happy to help if you send us examples of guitars you like and the music you play - we can work out a great guitar together! We require a 30% non-refundable deposit and 30% when the guitar is put together. When the guitar is done and we have sent pictures of it, you pay the final 40%. We can work out a payment plan with multiple smaller payments during the building process but I will only start the build at 30% and ship it when I received the full amount. Of course, I will send pictures of the building process of your guitar regularly.


How can I pay for my guitar?
We accept bank transfers and PayPal.

Do you ship to my country?
We ship worldwide using Fed-Ex, a reliable and fast service with full insurance. Shipment is about €70,- within the EU, €130,- to the USA and €180,- elsewhere. Of course you are always welcome to pick up your guitar at our workshop if possible!


How long does it take to build my guitar?
Currently it takes up to a year to finish a Magistra guitar. We are working hard to speed up the building process, but since it's a one man show this will take some time. It takes about three months before I start your build after the deposit, since I have to schedule it in my planning and have to pick the woods.

Can I change specifications during the process?

Building a guitar is a creative process. During the process when we decide on specifications, we envision what kind of guitar it's going to be and make suggestions. Once the deposit is paid for, we know what guitar to build, and start planning and ordering. Experience learns that even (seemingly) minor changes disrupt the entire process. Therefore we ask a €100,00 fee per change that is communicated to us by e-mail and a possible delay in the order of three months per change.


Can I get an endorsement deal?
As you can see on our artist page, we do have endorsed artists. However, as a small one-man custom company I can't just hand out free guitars. I am always open to a mutually beneficial cooperation.
I don't have strict thresholds for artists who want to become an endorsee nor fixed contracts and discounts. I look at each artist seperately, taking into account live performances, (social media) reach, quality of recorded videos and audio and of course you've got to be an awesome guitar player! 


How do I pronounce VanderMeij?
I know, the "eij" doesn't even make sense in Dutch! Vandermy is close enough.