stock guitars for sale

Can't decide on the specs or don't want to wait for a custom build? We now have stock guitars for sale, among which Holy Grail Guitar Show showpieces. Check out our 'In stock' page!

for I am king releases new video

VanderMeij artists For I Am King have just released their new single ‘PREY’ through REDFIELD RECORDS. Watch Koen Scheepens and Wouter Cammelbeeck play their Magistras in the video!

vandermeij welcomes new artist: Juuso soinio

We are proud to welcome Juuso Soinio to the VanderMeij Guitars family! Juuso is best known as guitarist and one of the founding members of the the Finnish heavy metal band Battle Beast. He is currently touring the USA with his freshly finished sixstring Magistra, loaded with an Evertune bridge. Juuso brought the woods on the top and headstock from Finland to Amsterdam himself when he visited during the building process!

“In 2017 I was looking for suitable guitar manufacturer to collaborate with. I was hoping for something personal and unique”, tells Juuso. “I heard about VanderMeij guitars from Merel (Bechtold) when we crossed ways with Delain on our US tour. After testing one of their showcase guitars for a few weeks I was impressed with the quality and sound, it was an easy choice to go ahead and order a custom build!”

'VanderMeij Guitars blew me away from the first second I saw and played them. They are superbeautiful, perfect in every detail and they sound and play great. Speaking about guitars...'



'VanderMeij Guitars stands for true craftsmanship. The sound, playability, materials, appearance and esthetics. All these elements are the best of the best! It's a great honour to play on a guitar of this quality.'



'Koen is a true artist! He knows how to make THE killer axe. Not only does he make the most beautiful guitars, playing and hearing his guitars is like a dream come true.'