Jord Otto

'Koen is a true artist! He knows how to make THE killer axe. Not only does he make the most beautiful guitars, playing and hearing his guitars is like a dream come true.'

At age 15 Jord Otto got his first metal cd. Before that he always listened to music that didn't even have guitars in it. So he didn't expect much from this cd that said "Children of Bodom - Hatebreeder". Well.... he was wrong, and almost instantly fell in love with the sound of the electric guitar. The way they screamed, the speed and the classical tunes just gave Jord goosebumps. From then on he had a new goal in life. Learn to play guitar and hopefully get more people to have this same feeling!

At the age of 23 Jord auditioned for ReVamp, Floor Jansen her new band back then. After Forever disbanded and she needed a new way to expres herself. Jord was selected as one of her new guitarist and from then on cool things started to happen. ReVamp did international tours and festivals but of course they had to get some new music at a certain point. This was the first real oppertunity for Jord to show some music of his own and mix it with the two masterminds Ruben Wijga(Keys) and Floor Jansen. From that moment he noticed my new love in music: writing it!


In 2016 ReVamp quit for good as Floor Jansen got asked to sing in Nightwish. There was simply no time left for ReVamp anymore. Fortunately Jord quickly found different ways to express himself again and wrote an album with Valerio Recenti for My Propane, finished an album with The Blackest Grey and last but not least... got asked to play with Anneke van Giersbergen and her gang in the new band VUUR!


sevenstring multiscale guitar custom black vandermeij magistra


 Jord uses a:

  • 7 string 26,5"-25" VanderMeij Magistra guitar; 
  • Black limba body;
  • Burl Maple top with highgloss black burst finish;
  • 5-ply wenge/maple neck;
  • Ebony fretboard with custom inlay and Luminlay sidedots;
  • 24 stainless steel Jescar Enterprises jumbo frets;
  • Bare Knuckle pickups slanted Warpigs;
  • Hipshot multiscale black bridge and open gear locking tuners.



Gitarist, november 2017